Thursday, September 27, 2007

Review: Caramel Rolls from the Daily Grind

Mmmm.....soft, squishy buns....

I've been eating a lot of bread this week. I've been sick, and I figure it's better to stuff myself with bread than eat nothing. So today I stopped by the Daily Grind for a cup of tea on the way to work (on the UNC campus, around to the side of Student Stores--best coffee on campus--the white mocha is a life-changing experience). I got what I thought was a cinnamon bun, but it didn't have any cinnamon in it. I think it was supposed to be caramel or something. Anyway, it was fantastic. Buns don't get any better than that. Gorgeous, sweet, soft and silky, and big enough for two meals. Yeah, I ate a caramel bun for breakfast and lunch. It was just a little bit yeasty, but not too yeasty, and not dry like most sticky bun-type things. The icing could have been better. It was thin and crackly, not soft and gooey. I give it an A (it would have been an A+ if the icing was softer).

If you want to get buns from the Daily Grind, skip the ones that are wrapped in plastic and get the big, gorgeous unwrapped ones (they're all in the pastry case, but some of them are plastic-wrapped and some are just sitting there, looking tasty).